Perseverance Lodge No 4. is a Scottish Rite Lodge and was originally organized in 1806 at Jeremy, Santo Domingo as Perseverance Lodge No 113 under Charter issued by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. During the Negro uprisings the Lodge emigrated to Santo De Cuba and was there during 1807 and 1808. In the latter part of 1808 the Lodge established itself in New Orleans, Louisiana and in 1810 it obtained a new Charter from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania under the No 118. In 1812 it was on the the five Lodges which constituted the present Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana and was given it present designation of No. 4.

Amis Remmis Lodge No. 6 and Trimospohes Lodge No. which were organized in 1829 and 1833 respectfully, were later annexed to our Lodge. Foyer Macommique Lodge No 44 chartered on October 6, 1838 consolidated with Perseverance No. 4 in September 1879. During it's early days in New Orleans, it met in the temple of Etoile Polaire Lodge, and on May 25, 1819 it acquired from the City of New Orleans, the location at St. Claude and Dumaine Streets. The building was completed April 1, 1820 with no modifications except the addition of some outbuildings and a change of fences. The building was still in it's use for it original purpose until it was sold to the City of New Orleans on November 10, 1970, where a Civic Center and Park was to be constructed at this location. For many years the Grand Lodge of Louisiana used this Temple for it's meetings. It is the oldest Masonic Temple in existence in Louisiana, Etoile Polaire's present Temple having been erected in 1853. The building has now been resorted and I understand it is to be used as a Masonic Museum in the section which is now known as Armstrong Park. It was designated a landmark of the City of New Orleans by the Louisiana Landmark Society on August 22, 1965.

While preparation were being made to purchase property to build a new Lodge, Perseverance Lodge No 4 met in the Temple of Germania Lodge No 46 from January 28, 1971 to December 12, 1974 when they moved to their new Temple which was located at 232 Industrial Ave., Jefferson, Louisiana. The Temple at 232 Industrial Ave., was sold on October 18, 1996 due to financial problems, namely upkeep and maintenance. Perseverance Lodge moved back to Germania Hall No 46 located at 4415 Bienville Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana, on November 1, 1996

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